What is the Lifespan of the Smart Air Air Purifiers?

The lifespan of an air purifier is not to be confused with the lifespan of the HEPA and carbon filters. More information on filter lifespan can be found here for the Sqair, Blast and Blast Mini.

Our air purifiers are incredibly simple; a fan and a filter. This simplicity doesn’t just make Smart Air’s purifiers more efficient and cheaper, the it also means they last a long time. The only mechanical item in the purifiers is the motor. We run tests on all our purifier motors, and they’re proven to run for at least 10,000 hours.

That’s a minimum number, and means the purifiers would run a minimum of 4-5 years if running them for 6 hours per day. Typically, the motors last much longer. We’ve seen Smart Air purifiers in use 7 years after they were purchased, still working without issue.

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