How to Participate in the Clean Air Movement?

We categorise the tasks the Clean Air Movement army can do by time and effort spent.

With 5 minutes you can:
1. Search for “Smart Air” on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Instagram to follow our latest news and articles about air pollution.
2. Read the answers our founder Thomas writes on Quora: Talhelm/answers?
3. If you are using a Smart Air air purifier, leave us a review on our website:
4. Ask your school for permission to put up a Smart Air poster! We’ll mail one to you after permission is granted so that your colleagues can learn more about the harmful effects of air pollution, and how they can protect themselves.

With 5 hours your can:
1. Organise a Smart Air workshop for you office or school:
2. Make your very own DIY air purifier with the instructions on our website:

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