Does Xi’an’s Smog-Fighting Purifier Tower Work?

One group of scientists on the south of Xi’an are fighting back against Xi’an’s rising PM2.5 by building something big – a huge air purifier tower to be precise. Unfortunately, our educated guess would be it will not work well for some reasons: First, the sun heats up the air inside a large greenhouse which rises through a chimney and passes through huge air filters. Greenhouses work the best when the sun is strong, but smog is worst in Xi’an in the winter, when the sun is the weakest. Second, the tower would have to move a LOT of air to have any noticeable impact. The team claims the massive air purifier tower cleans 10 million cubic meters a day.
So Xi’an’s smog tower should work in principle, but rough calculations suggest it’s unlikely to have a major impact.

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