Where Should I Install An Air Purifier in A School Classroom?

Your air purifier should be positioned so as to ensure as much clean air is circulated around your classroom as possible. For example, air purifiers placed against walls or with obstructions in front of them may have a limited air flow, reducing their effectiveness.

Smart Air’s own data-backed tests show that the exact location of an air purifier in a room like a classroom doesn’t have a huge impact on the overall cleaning efficiency. However, we recommend the following:

  1. Position your air purifier to maximise the area the clean air is projected to. For air purifiers where air exits the purifier vertically, this could be towards the center of the room. For purifiers where air exits horizontally, this could be at the back or front of the classroom.
  2. Place the air purifier inlet closer to likely sources of airborne contaminants. This ensures that any more contaminated areas are cleaned more quickly, reducing the change of virus spread around the classroom.
  3. Ensure the purifier is placed such that there is no risk of it falling and harming the students and children in the classroom.

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