How Often Should the Filters to Be Replaced in my Air Purifier?

Smart Air purifiers can contain both HEPA and carbon filters. The lifespan of each varies with usage and the purifier.

When Should I Replace the HEPA filters in my Smart Air Purifier?

The HEPA filter lifespan varies for each purifier. You can find the recommended filter replacement time in each of our air purifier manuals. However, lifespan also varies depending on where you use your purifier, and how often you turn it on every day. Read the ‘What Else Should I Know’ section below for more information.

How long do the carbon filters last in my Smart Air purifier?

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What Else Should I Know Before Replacing My HEPA Filter?

Many purifier companies give just a single number for the lifespan of HEPA and carbon filters. However, in reality, the true lifespan of each filter will depend on where the purifier it used, how long it is run for, and how dirty the air is where the purifier is running.

We don’t like these standard numbers most companies give. That’s why we make sure to run real-world tests on all our purifiers, and provide a HEPA filter lifespan calculator to help you calculate how often you need to change your HEPA filter for your exact situation.

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