How Quickly Can My Air Purifier Clean a Given Room Size?

Most air purifiers have ‘standard’ numbers for room size. For example, you’ll see air purifiers advertised as being suitable for rooms of 20m2 or perhaps 40m2 like Smart Air’s Sqair air purifier.

But most of us don’t live in ‘standard’ rooms. Here’s how you can calculate how quickly an air purifier with a given CADR will clean your room.

Calculating How Quickly an Air Purifier Will Clean a Specific Room Size

  1. Before you get started, you’ll need to know your room size, and the CADR rating of your air purifier.
  2. This calculator can give only an approximation of the time it takes for your air purifier to clean your room. It calculates how long it takes for all the air for an average room to pass through the air purifier once.
  3. Plug them into the following calculator to determine how long it will take for your air purifier to clean all the air in your room once.

    Note: calculator assumes an average room height of 2.4m, or 8ft. for higher or lower ceilings. Adjust the time by dividing it by 2.4 and multiplying it by your actual ceiling height.

    Learn more: how an air purifier’s room size calculated from its CADR rating »

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