How Recommended Room Size is Calculated for Smart Air's air purifiers

Air purifier recommended room size is typically calculated using one of two air purifier room size standards.

What’s Wrong With the ‘Standard’ Numbers

At Smart Air, we hate the ‘standard’ numbers. They often don’t, take into consideration real-world conditions such as the shape of a room, how well sealed the room is, and outdoor air pollution levels.

To calculate the room size of the Smart Air purifiers, we a combination of the two air purifier standardsand real world open-data tests. These are tests performed in real houses around the world, including the United States, China, India and the Philippines. The approximate formula used is:

Square meters of room = CADR value x (0.13 or 0.14)


Open Data – Smart Air Real World Tests

Here’s an overview of some of the open-data tests Smart Air has performed. For a full list, visit Smart Air’s Clean Air Blog.

  1. Blast & Blast Mini Air purifier real world room tests »
  2. Sqair air purifier real world room tests »
  3. DIY1.1 air purifier real world room tests »


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