Is Asbestos a Problem?

Asbestos is a mineral that makes a great fiber. People use that fiber in lots of building materials, like insulation, paints, electric wiring, wall boards, and floor tiles. When any of these materials break apart, the asbestos can become airborne and get into our lungs. The data shows it is a major concern in India. Here are some facts can help you to protect yourself:

1. Asbestos is the most dangerous once disturbed. When fibers become airborne, we can breathe them in or ingest them.
2. Your home and office materials in India may contain asbestos. Use caution with materials likely to contain asbestos, such as wall board, cement, roofing, or insulation. The most dangerous times are during construction and remodeling.
3. Inexpensive pollution masks like N95 and N99 masks (see tests) and HEPA purifiers can capture asbestos particles.

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