How Can I Clean Dust From my Blast or Blast Mini Fan?

Over time, light dust can build up on the inside of the fan blast on the Blast and Blast Mini. To ensure maximum cleaning effectiveness of your Blast or Blast Mini, it is recommended you occasionally clean the fan blades.

In especially dusty environments, your Blast or Blast Mini may need cleaning more regularly. Here’s a picture of a dirty, dusty Blast fan:

Follow these steps to clean dust from the Blast or Blast Mini fan:

  1. Ensure your Blast or Blast Mini is turned off and unplugged.
  2. Remove the pre-filter from the back of your Blast or Blast Mini air purifier.
  3. Remove any surface dust by wiping down the outer surface or metal ring on your Blast or Blast Mini with a damp cloth
  4. Using a can of compressed air, blow air on each of the fan blades inside the Blast.
  5. Replace the pre-filter and plug your Blast or Blast mini back in

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