Why Are There Still Smells Even After Using a Carbon Filter?

There are several reasons why you may still be able to smell cigarette and other smells, even after turning on your air purifier with activated carbon filter.

  1. The most likely reason is that you have a source of smells or VOCs inside your room. The carbon filter will adsorbs gases and smells from the air. However if you have another source of VOCs it may consistently be emitting these gases into the air.

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2. Your carbon filter or air purifier is not big enough for the room. Check the CADR rating of your air purifier, to make sure it can deliver enough clean air for the size of your room.

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3. Your carbon filter is saturated (full) and needs replacing. It may be that your carbon filter has become saturated with VOCs and can no longer adsorb and more gases or VOCs. Check your carbon filter to find out if its saturated:

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