Why Can’t I Find Smart Air Purifiers in the AHAM Verifide List?

In short: Smart Air does not support the commercialisation of ‘curated lists’ by companies. Smart Air believes in making all data – including – CADR test reports and data available for free to the general public. Smart Air’s CADR values can be found on our clean air shop, and reports available on request.

Long Answer: The Hidden Costs of AHAM Verifide for Air Breathers & How Smart Air Avoids Them.

The AHAM Verifide list of air purifiers lists purifiers that have been tested and verified by AHAM (Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers) for their CADR performance.

AHAM operates the AHAM Verifide programme using a pay-for-access model. This means that if air purifier companies wish to be listed in the AHAM verifide list, they must pay a one-off ‘initiation fee’ (approx US$8000), an ‘annual basic model fee’ (approx $1500 – $1000) per year, and a ‘volume fee’ of 0.1% charged on every sale of a purifier in the AHAM Verifide list.

In all, these fees can add up to more than $1 per purifier, which in the end is passed on to the air purifier user. By not being a part

Does that Mean Smart Air Purifiers Aren’t Certified for CADR or Performance?

No, Smart Air purifiers are still tested and certified for CADR performance. CADR values for Smart Air’s purifiers can be found on our shop. 3rd party, independently verified CADR test reports are also available from Smart Air.

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