What are the Standards for Measuring CADR?

CADR or ‘clean air delivery rate’ of an air purifier is typically measured using one of two standards: the AHAM standard in the US, or the GB 18801-2015 standard in China.


The AHAM standard measures an air purifier’s filtration effectiveness for smoke, dust and pollen. These particles sizes range from 0.10 to 11 microns in diameter. The AHAM test is performed in a 1008ft3 (28.3m3) room.


The GB 18801-2015 standard measures an air purifier’s filtration effectiveness for smoke (particles) or VOCs. Cigarettes are used for the particle tests, and any form of VOC can be used for the VOC tests (e.g. benzene, formaldehyde). Most often, formaldehyde is tested. The GB 18801-2015 tests are done in a 30m3 room (1059ft3).


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