What’s the Difference Between Particle Counters and the Government Machines?

The way government (BAM) machines:
It work is that they use a source of carbon 14 that emits beta particles. Then they measure how many of those beta particles make it through a dirty filter and to a detector. They then use those numbers to estimate the weight of those particles (micrograms).
Laser particle counters:
In contrast, laser particle counters many of us used at home use a laser and a photo diode sensor to estimate the number of particles in the air. I don’t see why the weight should be any more important than the number. They’re both telling you how much particulate pollution is in the air.

For more data and explanation, click here to read the full article: https://smartairfilters.com/en/blog/are-particle-counters-and-government-machines-the-same/

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