Any Discounts for the Orders?

Thomas here, the nerd behind Smart Air: When I started Smart Air, I started it as a social enterprise (now officially certified!). My whole goal was to make the cost low to begin with, rather than have some silly high margin and then give people discounts from that. That seems dishonest to me.
I also worry about the inequality inherent in a model where companies have high profit margins but give discounts to people who ask. What can happen is that discounts get spread unequally between people. For that reason, we don’t offer special discounts. I hope you see the value in this principle that I do! How much more awesome would the world be if all companies were like this?
However, for large orders, we save money on shipping, so we can pass those savings along to the end user. If that’s the case with your order, send us an email with the details!

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