Where Am I More Likely to Catch COVID-19?

A set of researchers from China collected and analysed cases across the whole country between 4th January and 11th February. The data shows the scale to which indoor transmission accounts for all COVID-19 cases. In this research, it’s 100%.

Possible explanation is COVID-19 can be spread through fomites – objects such as towels, tables, door handles etc. – which carry the virus. The sharing of common spaces also increases the likelihood of these objects being touched by multiple people.

Data also shows that the COVID-19 coronavirus can be COVID-19 can be transmitted in the air, typically in the form of droplets or aerosols. COVID-19 droplets are water droplets 5-10nm in diameter, that travel less than 6ft or 2m in distance. So in more confined environments, it makes it easier for the virus to travel to the host in greater quantities. 

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