Does Smart Air Recycle Filters?

For now, we don’t provide recycling service, because there is no proper way.

But we tried to make the filters as environmentally friendly as possible. For example, we replaced metal frames with biodegradable cardboard. We also make sure to only use certified environmentally friendly glue in our filters, and to reduce the amount of glue without compromising on cleaning efficiency. E.g. for the Blast and Blast Mini filters, when we switched from metal to cardboard frames, we also reduced the total glue used, being even more environmentally friendly!

If you want to utilize or dispose carbon filters more environmentally friendly, you can first disassemble the filter, take out and separately dispose the activated carbon particles. You can also check if the local recycling plant offers activated carbon recycling.

Activated charcoal is also helpful (if not heavily polluted) for growing flowers and vegetables (help control the soil humidity) and filtering the chemicals in the fish tank.

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