How to Find Reliable N95 Mask Manufacturers and Suppliers

If you are sourcing from a Chinese mask manufacturer, use  to check the mask supplier’s background.

Ask the supplier for N95 / KN95 certifications of the mask. Checking whether the certification matches the company you’re working with, that will tell you if you are working with a middle man or the manufacturer.

You should also check the quality of the mask including:

a) Nose piece: Is the metal bar stuck down to the mask well? Does the metal bar snap easily after just a few bends?

b) Seals and joins of masks: Is the section where both sides of the mask join easy to come apart? Try gently pulling to see how well the mask pieces are stuck together

c) Strap and middle join areas: Are the masks thinner where the straps join the mask? Do the straps easily snap off if pulled gently?

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